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    Summer is fading away and stuff in general is just as weird (if that is the correct, catch-all phrase to politely cover all that has happened and is still happening...
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  • After The Storm Subsides - Gear West

    After The Storm Subsides

    Gear West received our copies of the 2020 Multisport Calendar from the printer just as concerns about the Coronavirus closed restaurants and more throughout the state. The calendar has been...
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  • Where to Begin... - Gear West

    Where to Begin...

    Where to begin? By the time I think about the topics I might touch on … a few days later, everything changes in this crazy world of 2020. I started...
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  • A Ski Store Owner’s Musings - Gear West

    A Ski Store Owner’s Musings

    The “wow!” stage has moved on. We remember the day, the hour when the World Cup at Wirth Park was cancelled and that was just the beginning. “We are all...
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  • Biking Through All Challenges - Gear West

    Biking Through All Challenges

    Those of us who have choices right now are very fortunate. I have the options to put the phrase ‘look at the bright side’ into reality, if I choose. Yes,...
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    Jaw dropping times. Not much more needs to be said regarding the virus and steps taken, changes made. It is watch and wait, behave and contribute, and I will add...
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  • Triathlon winter/pre-season guide - Gear West

    Triathlon winter/pre-season guide

    Are you avoiding thinking about the upcoming triathlon season or are you itching to get back into the training routine? Maybe you’re already visiting the gym with gusto or maybe...
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  • Finally, a new blog post from Jan! - Gear West

    Finally, a new blog post from Jan!

    Finally, an updated Blog on …. What should the title say? “One ultra busy, aging lady’s challenge to return to fitness post injury?” Those adjectives are not too uplifting. Maybe...
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  • Accident Recovery and more... - Gear West

    Accident Recovery and more...

    Three months from the date of the bike accident I am finally updating my blog. After time, thoughts are more cohesive, and I feel motivated to use my experiences to...
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