Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in our privacy policy. Here at Gear West, we take privacy and security very seriously, and if you have any questions about the following policy, please feel free to email us at or call us at 877-473-4327. By continuing to use our website, you accept the terms described on this web page.

Your Personal Information

In order to provide you with the best experience possible, automatically collects information about your browsing habits while you remain on our web site. This may include any pages you visit, actions you take (such as adding a product to your cart or selecting a filter in a category), technical information reported by your web browser (such as browser name and version), and any search terms used while on This information may be shared with a small number of third party tools, but will never be sold or shared with any third party except when that party is using that data solely on the behalf of Gear West. This information will also not be able to personally identify you.

Additionally, will store any information you voluntarily provide, including while registering as a user, filling out any form on, and while proceeding through the online checkout process. Any voluntarily provided information is stored independently of the information collected automatically and will never be shared with any third party, except credit card information, which is shared with and stored by our credit card processor, We do not store credit card data anywhere on the server. We use a secure connection to transmit all authentication information and credit card data. and Cookies uses cookies to maintain important information about your browsing session, such as the state of your online shopping cart and whether you are logged in or not. If you wish to browse with cookies disabled, be aware that the site may not function properly. Gear West may also use these cookies to serve up targeted ads for on external websites. If you do not wish to see these ads, simply clear your browser cookies after you finish browsing our website or install an ad blocking plug-in into your browser. and Email Addresses requires that you supply your email address as part of our online checkout process; this email is used solely to provide you with confirmation, order tracking, and other information regarding your specific order, and will not be added to any of our promotional email lists unless you explicitly opt in to receive these emails. If you do choose to opt in to one or more of our promotional lists, be aware that these lists will never be shared with any third party and you may opt out of them at any time via a link provided at the bottom of every email or by calling us at 877-473-4327.

Requests for Information

Upon request, Gear West will provide customers a description of the specific information we have stored about them, including a transaction history, mailing and billing addresses, and any other personal information on file. To verify your identity, this request must come from an email address or phone number you have previously provided us.

Changes to this Policy

Gear West reserves the right to update this policy at any time. In the event that we update our privacy policy, we will provide a summary of changes from the previous version on this web page and provide a notice regarding the updated policy on the front page for one month after the update.

Summary of Changes

This policy was last updated January 19th, 2015. This update made extensive wording changes to better clarify what data collects and how it is used as well as outlining additional actions users can take to protect their data and control its usage.