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Classic Skis

The best adventures that happen is when you stray from the trail and forge a new path. If you can walk you can classic ski. If there was ever a better time to learn how to ski it is now!

Most people prefer to skate ski because you can go a lot faster, but you know what they say, slow and steady wins the race. Skiing is an art and if you go to fast it is easy to mess up. Classic skiing involves a lot of technique, and it takes time to master the kick and glide motion that it takes to really propel yourself further. It’s better to take your time and really focus on the motions rather than rushing thru it and not learning much. Like anything you learn from mistakes. Even the best of skiers fall.

Classic skis come in wax able and non-wax able forms. Experienced skier prefer to use waxable skis. For a person just getting into cross country skiing waxless classic skis are an excellent option because they are less concerned about the performance rate of the ski. If you are going to go with a wax able pair of skis make sure an expert shows you how to do it properly.