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Why Gear West for your Alpine Ski Service? Every part of our tuning process at Gear West is hands on. Skis are never automatically fed through our machines. Our head tuner Dana Henry has not only tested multiple skis and boots under many conditions, he also has experienced tuning and waxing techniques and tricks from the worlds top race coaches, directors and technicians. Dana prides himself on his temperature specific waxes and takes great care to make sure your skis and snowboards are at their top performance level. We guarantee they will be ready for your family ski holidays, high school races, park laps, or just a fun weekend at your local hill. 

The difference between an ordinary ski and board shop and an extraordinary shop is that little extra that the staff provides. Over the last couple of years, Gear West Alpine has been assembling a team of passionate sales and service professionals that are establishing a solid reputation for bringing ski/board knowledge and fun to its customers. To become an expert at boot fitting and ski/board servicing takes years of experience and industry training and our team welcomes any and all questions that will challenge their over 100 combined years of skiing knowledge. Stop in and see what we're talking about! We look forward to helping you find YOUR perfect fit!