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Maintenance Packages

Pre-Race Tune & Safety Check 


Basic Service Package



Full Service Package



The Works Service Package



Looking for one last check before race day? This is a must to make sure you're ready!  Does your bike seem like it's in good condition but just needs a look over before heading out on your next ride? The Basic Service Package has what you need.  Looking for the best value? This full package will get your bike back up and running like new. Perfect for the ridder that is just pulling out their bike for the first time in a few years, or the ridder that is looking for their bike running at top performance.  Looking to get the most out of your bike? Performance is key and nothing but the best will do? The Works Package is exactly what you're looking for. Stripping the bike down to just the frame we get the bike back up and running like the day you bought it. 
  • Installation of race wheels
  • Spot truing of wheels
  • Adjustment of brakes and  derailleurs
  • Clamps and bolts are properly torqued
  • Frame wipe down  
  • Inspected for damage 
  • Derailleur limit screws set  
  • Gears indexed for optimal shifting  
  • Chain lubed  
  • Cable pull adjusted  
  • Pad alignment  
  • Headset, bottom bracket, and Hubs Adjusted  
  • Lateral Wheel true  
  • Spoke Tension checked
  • Frame wipe down 
  • Chain, cassette/freewheel, crankset, and both derailleurs removed and deep cleaned
  • Brake surfaces and pads resurfaced. 
  • Cables greased 
  • $10 off brake bleeds
  • Radial and dish checked
  • New cable and housing installation. 
  • Installation of new drivetrain components; chains, cassette, and crankset.
  • Brake Bleed Labor. 
  • Hydraulic brake pistons cleaned. 
  • All bearing systems overhauled or replaced. 
  • Freehubs cleaned and lubed. 
  • Labor on Tubeless set up. 
  • Half off labor for lower leg service and shock air sleeve service. 
  • Grip/Bar tape installation. 
  • All component installation.


Suspension Services

Lower's Overhaul

$70 + Parts Kit 

Full Overhaul

$120 + Parts 

Rear Shock Air Sleeve Service

$45 + Parts 

  • This service involves dropping the lowers, cleaning and inspecting the fork, replacing all seals and O-rings, and re-installation of everything with fresh suspension oil. The parts involved range in price depending on the model of the front fork. This service is recommended every 40-50 hours of ride time depending on the model/ brand of the fork. This service is similar to getting the oil changed in your car. 
  • The Full Overhaul includes everything in the Lower's Overhaul plus the removal, cleaning, and inspection of the spring and damper sides of the fork. The spring and damper sides are then re-installed with all new seals, O-rings, and fresh suspension oil.  This service is recommended every 100-200 hours of ride time depending on the model/ brand of the fork.
  • This service includes the removal, inspection, cleaning, and replacement of all seals and O-rings of the shock's air sleeve. This service is recommended every 40-50 hours of ride time. 

*Replacement parts not included in the service package price.   

*Fork and Shock Service based on the availability of parts

*Suspension Mechanics are certified through United Bicycle Institute


 Gear West eBike Repair Policy

Gear West offers a full range of comprehensive repair services on bikes. Due to the growth of eBike offerings and the specific resources required to repair this type of technology, Gear West is unable to repair every brand of eBike.

Gear West is currently certified, authorized and/ or equipped service the following power systems: Shimano, Bosch, TQ, Hyena, Fazua, Bufang.

Each eBike brought in will be evaluated to determine what type of power system it uses, if it is an electrical repair or mechanical repair that is needed, and if we can provide that service.

When bringing in an eBike for service, please keep the battery on the bike and bring a key.



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