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Wendi Morin Gait Analysis

Wendi Morin Gait Analysis

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The Shoe Whisperer

Wendi Morin

This analysis includes the following evaluations and recommendations:

  • -Arch and foot evaluation
  • -Ankle, knee, hip, and back alignment evaluation
  • -Muscle weakness and imbalance check
  • -Pelvic rotation check
  • -Leg length discrepancy
  • -Arch support evaluation
  • -Suggested strengthening exercises
  • -Shoe model recommendation

    Wendi's Training and Educational Resume:

  • -Double Bachelor's degree in Health and Human Services
  • -Associate's degree in Physical Therapy
  • -20+ years of experience in Gait Analysis
  • -Certified Personal Trainer
  • -Certified Nutrition and Weight Management Consultant
  • -Active consultant for several local physical therapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, hospitals, athletic teams, and trainers.

  • *Please note that Wendi is not a practicing physical therapist and does not provide diagnosis.

Ike Gait Analysis

Ike Gait Analysis

Free Gait Analysis

  • -One of our trained shoe fit specialists will begin by asking you questions about your activity levels and any issues you might be having.
  • -You will then run/walk on our track to see a baseline of what your normal gait is. 
  • -Your shoe fit specialist will then suggest one or more shoes that could optimize your stride and footfall.
  • -You will run/walk again with each pair of suggested shoes.
  • -Finally, you and your fit specialist will compare each pair of shoes before deciding on the shoe that best fits your running goals, biomechanics, and budget.

  • The primary focus of our free gait analysis is to optimize the pronation of your feet, but it is worth noting that we have found this process to be more complicated than the general rule of increasing stability with increased levels of overpronation. First, runners should understand that some pronation is normal and desirable. Ideally, there should be a slight inward roll at the end of the gait cycle. This can be seen in a well used pair of shoes as a wear concentration around the ball of the foot.

    Overpronation is an excessive roll toward the inside of the foot. Overpronation does not allow the shock of the foot strike to spread evenly over the entire foot and can result in injuries and pain to ankles, knees and hips. Overpronation is usually addressed by selecting "stability" style shoes, but interestingly can also be caused by running in shoe with an excessively curved last. We have found that a significant number of runners who come into Gear West with stability shoes do not actually need stability, but they DO need a straight lasted shoe.

    Supination, conversely, is an insufficient inward roll of the foot after landing. This places extra stress on the foot and can result in injuries and pain to the knee, as well as Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis.

    For best results, please bring your current run or walk shoes and wear or bring a pair of shorts that you can run in.