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Child Seat & Trailers

Do you ever want to bring your child along on a bike ride but there is no way to bring them because they don’t yet know how to ride? Or do you ever wish to bring gear that is just too heavy for you to bring in a backpack? There are two products that are sure to fix your needs. The bike trailer and burley!

The bike trailer is a single wheel cargo trailer that attaches to the back of one’s bike. Although the trailer will put a little bit of a drag behind the bike you are saving your shoulders for the pain of carrying a heavy backpack.

The burley enables you to go on family adventures. Burleys are built in different sizes to allow one child or more. The trailer comes with tinted side windows, water resistant polyester cover, and full internal aluminum roll cage for protection. Additionally, in the rear of the bike burley there is a spacious cargo area. The best part is that when you are done for the day the burley is designed to be folded for easy transportation and storage.

When you are planning your next camping trip or trail ride be sure to pack your essentials in the bike trailer and the kiddos in the burley.