Aetrex 3D Foot Scan

It’s all about your feet! “Albert” captures critical data and information about your unique foot shape. Our fit experts take that information and watch your gait as you walk or run to make well-informed recommendations on the best insert and footwear for you!

iStep Pressure

iStep Pressure

3D Measurements

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3D Measurements

Next Steps

After we've scanned your feet and reviewed the results with you, we offer some 'next steps: 

  • Looking for the best run, walk, or hiking shoe for your specific foot and gait? We will bring out shoe options for you to try, footwear that will match your foot shape as well as the type of support needed.
  • Looking for increased fit, comfort, and performance? Try on the proper over-the-counter (OTC) insoles from Aetrex, Superfeet, or Prokinetics. 
  • If your needs require a more sophisticated fit, including more support and performance than OTC insoles can provide, the next step is setting up an appointment with our Boot/shoe fitters to build you out custom insoles.
  • Do you have unique gait issues and/or nagging injuries and want the premium fit experience? Schedule an appointment on Wendi's schedule.