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  • New Rossignol Premium Skate Ski - Gear West

    New Rossignol Premium Skate Ski

    As a ski racer, I love watching the Olympics. As a buyer for Gear West’s Nordic ski department, I know that an Olympic year also means something exciting from an...
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  • Beginner's Guide To Cycling Shoes - Gear West

    Beginner's Guide To Cycling Shoes

    GO THE EXTRA MILE IN COMFORT AND STYLE Originally written by former Gear West Employee Emma Schindler Now that the weather is getting warmer it is time to break out...
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  • Top Five Triathlon Tips

    1. Mimic your race conditions – Chances are you’re not racing alone - training in a group setting for swimming such as masters, a couple groups rides when possible and the occasional...
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  • Off Season Nordic Training - Gear West

    Off Season Nordic Training

    Often around June I can start feeling some of the nagging aches and pains created from my spring activities and transition to running after a long winter. Likely I rushed...
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  • Open Water Swim Essentials - Gear West

    Open Water Swim Essentials

    Taking that first plunge into open water swimming can be an intimidating launch. No lane lines. Can’t see the bottom. Was that a fish? Man, that’s cold! After the initial...
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  • Custom Insoles - Gear West

    Custom Insoles

    How will Gear West Custom Performance Insoles help you? Increased comfort Better stance alignment Improved power transfer Achieve better balance Relieve aching arches Eliminate hot spots Created at an affordable...
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  • Rollerski Best Practices - Gear West

    Rollerski Best Practices

    Where to go- If you are just getting started – stick to the two P’s. Parking Lots. The best spot to gain familiarity with being on rollerskis is an open,...
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  • New or Returning to Skiing? - Gear West

    New or Returning to Skiing?

    WHAT TYPE OF SKI IS BEST FOR YOU? * Helpful information for those new to the sport of xc skiing, or, who used to ski and have been away from...
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