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New Rossignol Premium Skate Ski - Gear West

As a ski racer, I love watching the Olympics. As a buyer for Gear West’s Nordic ski department, I know that an Olympic year also means something exciting from an industry standpoint. New race skis! I have been skiing on Rossignol products for 5 years now. They have earned me some of my best Birkie finishes and favorite memories on snow. It would be an understatement to say that I was excited to see how they would change my beloved Premiums to make them even better.  

The new Premium+ S2 skate ski features what Rossignol is calling “capless light+ technology”. The previous generation of premia were “cap” skis. By removing the cap, the new Premium+ skis are 80g lighter. Additionally, all internal friction and pressures that were held in by the cap are released resulting in a more supple feeling on the snow. I could feel this immediately when testing the new Premium + S2 up at the Birkie trail this past winter. The additional flexibility in the forebody of the ski allows the ski to float through softer snow rendering it fast in a wider variety of conditions when compared to its predecessor. A true marathon weapon that can be fast no matter what the weather throws at you! 

Along with the performance benefits, the new construction of the Premium + skis serves as a step toward Rossignol’s commitment to sustainability. Removing the cap means less fiberglass, and the new top-sheet graphics are matte with no varnish finish. The result? Less waste and reduced toxicity in the manufacturing process. Rossignol's sustainability goals include reducing its company-wide industrial waste by 40% by 2025 and reducing its carbon footprint by 30% by 2030. Their long-term goal is to be fully carbon neutral by 2050. This construction is step number 1 in reducing industrial waste. 

The new Premium+ is a smoother, more forgiving ski, in a lighter weight package while retaining the stability and energy return Rossignol’s are known for. If you want a pair of your own, David & I will be traveling to Rossignol to hand select Gear West’s inventory this September.

-Jenny Beckman

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