Top Five Triathlon Tips

1. Mimic your race conditions – Chances are you’re not racing alone - training in a group setting for swimming such as masters, a couple groups rides when possible and the occasional run group will help you be mentally ready for your next race. In the pool, you’ll be in close proximity with others swimmers just like racing. Biking, you’ll learn how to ride around others & how to be passed. Finally, running can be just as claustrophobic as the swim depending on the course; running in a group will get your mind ready.

2. Communicate with your Bike Shop about your racing – Big race coming up? Great, now get on your mechanics schedule for service about a month out or so . Tell them what you’re noticing and they’ll put together a plan for when to bring it in and greatly appreciate you not rushing them the day before your race. 

3. Buy New Goggles – they cost like $20 and will eliminate any chances of your current ones fogging up and ruining 1/3 of your race. Just make sure it’s the same model you’ve been training in – no new stuff on race day (tip 3.5). I have race goggles that see about 3 races before moving into the training pile.

4. Caffeine intake – On race day, your 25MG to 50MG gels probably won’t give you too much of a boost. Bump that up to a single 100mg-200mg caffeine source mid race in an oly & a couple of those for a half. Caffeine pills & Martin gels work great.

5. Plan the 24-48 hours leading up to your race. It sounds way over the top and type A to the max, but it helps for easing the nerves and allow things to flow a little easier. Even for small races I’ll do this, just more practice for when it counts.

- Ted Treise

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