How to Change Cross Country Ski Pole Tips

Summertime means a transition from snow skiing to roller skiing. With that transition comes the opportunity to check your roller ski equipment, replace worn wheels, or upgrade to a new ski.   

The simplest spring maintenance that you can do is to replace last season’s roller ski ferrules on your poles.  It is easy to do using the following instructions.  

If you have a traditional glue-on ferrule the only equipment you will need is a heat gun.   

  • Gently heat the old ferrule on your pole on a low heat setting,  
  • Make sure to turn the pole to avoid overheating any one spot on the tip while also making sure to keep the heat on the basket and not on the pole itself. 
  • Once the glue is sufficiently heated it should be very easy to twist the ferrule off the pole.   
  • When the tip is off, gently heat the new tip under the heat gun to make the tip easier to install.  Also gently heat the glue that is remaining on the pole.   
  • If you do not have sufficient enough glue left on the pole after taking the old ferrule off – apply more pole glue to the tip before installing the new ferrule. 
  • Install the new ferrule on the pole making sure that the tip is pointed forward. (Match the tall point of the ferrule with the tall point on the grip) 
  • Put the tip on the ground and apply some light pressure to allow the ferrule to sit properly.   
  • Let cool and the poles are ready to go.    

For poles with the Swix TBS basket system replacing ferrules is much easier.    

  • Simply screw the nut off the old ferrule and pull the ferrule off the pole.   
  • Put the new nut on the pole making sure the threads are facing the right way.   
  • Install the new ferrule by twisting onto the pole and making sure the tip is pointing forward and the ferrule settles into the notch on the end of the pole.  
  • Twist the nut down onto the new ferrule. 


With plenty of new roller skis and other roller ski equipment here at Gear West, we have something for those that are looking to upgrade this spring. We carry Swenor and Swix roller skis with aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon shafts and also have a limited stock of roller ski boots from Spine and Alpina that will make summer skiing much more comfortable. It is not a bad idea to save your winter poles for winter and invest in a summer roller skiing pole, either the Swix Quantum 4 or 6 with a roller ski ferrule would be a good inexpensive addition to your setup. We carry gloves from Toko, Swenor, and Lill-sport to help ease blisters and protect your palms from the occasional stumble.  We also have plenty of helmets and drink belts for water and tools.   

Lastly, it is not a bad idea to check over your roller skis or bring them into Gear West in the spring to let us check the wheels, bolts, and screws, inspect bindings, and replace broken fenders.  We are here to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience out on the trails and roads! 

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