Our Favorite MTB Trails in the Midwest

Our Favorite MTB Trails in the Midwest - Gear West

We live it, breathe it, and love to get out there. Here our our favorite, and in our opinion, best mountain biking trails in the midwest. We've got trail recs for those that love to rip, ride long, or enjoy the descents. 

Jenny: CAMBA (Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association), Cable, WI

  • Why? Over 100 miles of singletrack, and there is a lot of variable terrain and something for everyone. I can go with a lot of friends and everyone can ride! And it’s right out your lodging door.
  • Riding style? Endurance. Speeeeeed.


Jenny Beckman     Jenny mountain biking

Jeff: Duluth Trails, Duluth, MN

  • Why? Rocky technical climbs mixed with long descents, plus I can hit jump trails. As good as trails in the PNW!
  • Second trail pick is Battle Creek here in the metro area.
  • Riding style? Rad dad jump park (and a little endurance)


Jeff Perry     Jeff mountain biking

Tim: Levis Mound Trail Center, Neillsville, WI

  • Why? Part of the IMBA trail system, and when you get to the top you get one of the best Wisconsin overviews! Pro tip, gear low.
  • Riding style? Single speed all the way.


Tim Shea     Tim mountain biking

Isabel: Michigan Tech Trails, Houghton, MI or Lester Park Trails, Duluth, MN

  • Why? No big climbs, but super accessible long descents. Trails also aren’t rock heavy, but still let me push myself.
  • Riding style? Not a true beginner, probably a level 2 of 5. May also just be in it for the views.


Isabel Berg     Isabel mountain biking

Michael: Cuyuna Lakes Moutain Bike Trails, Cuyuna, MN

  • Why? Everything. Drank the Cuyuna Kool Aid.
  • Riding style? Down country (down hill + cross country = down country).


Michael Dalheimer     Michael mountain biking

Corey: Monarch Singletrack Trail, Carver Park, Waconia, MN

  • Why? Close to my house and super fun. Can ride with my gravel bike or mountain bike!
  • Riding style? Baby (low risk).


Corey Towle     Corey mountain biking

Jan: Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails, Cuyuna, MN

  • Why? I can swim in the quarries after the ride! Plus camp and have a little vacation.
  • Riding style? Old endurance.


Jan Guenther     Jan mountain biking

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