WNDR Belleaire Snowboard 2023


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The BelleAire is here to satisfy your love for downhill dominance. Inspired by its split sibling in shape, this board is for those seeking a different high… Whether it’s your favorite side hits, fresh groomers, or holstering the board to your back the deepest of days. The board of the future is lightweight, built from biology and ready to bring you transcendence.

The BelleAire, a solid companion to the BelleTour, has purpose-built biomaterials derived from microalgae oil to increase damping and stability while keeping the weight low and the froth tanks full! A wider waist, snappy side cut, and directional camber allow this board to be nimble while maintaining effortless floatation and edge hold. The semi-cap sidewall construction provides incredible stability and energy transmission over the edge while minimizing wear and tear, enhanced by Algal Core and Algal Wall. We exist to surf the earth on materials derived from Mother Nature.