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Swenor Skate Elite #3 Slow Complete Wheel


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Swenor Skating Wheels are narrower with larger diameters than classic wheels. The higher positioning allows skate skis to move in the angular side-to-side skating motion without the frame or wheel forks catching an edge.

Adult Skate Wheel diameter: 100 mm, breadth: 24 mm (#1 race, #2 med, #3 slow)

Swenor Skate Wheel Speeds
Just as warm snow is faster than cold snow Swenor rollerski wheels are faster at warmer temperatures. All training skis come with the #2 medium speed and hardness wheel standard. #1 and #3 training wheels are available as options. #1 is a fast wheel. #2 replicates snow speeds when temperatures are colder than 77F(25C) and #3 replicates snow speeds when temps are above 77F. Advanced skate skiers are split in their use of the standard #2 or slower softer #3 skate wheels which tend to wear more quickly.

All Swenor rollerskis use Swenor specific precision sealed bearings. They are engineered to fit the Swenor wheels with the tightest tolerances and provide long, easy and quite running life. Wipe dry after use, do not lube bearings.