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Swenor Fibreglass Classic Rollerski


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Swenor Fibreglass Classic Rollerskis offer the famous Swenor on-snow feel in a durable, lightweight package.
Composite Laminate Shaft Construction:
To make Swenor composite shafts, laminates (thin plies) of lightweight wood are sandwiched and wrapped by layers of carbon fiber and/or fiberglass. These composite layers are bonded together in a special mold that gives the skis their slight Nordic camber. Cap models are further wrapped in a protective Cap.
Composite laminate construction is successful because the various materials act together. Each material can overcome deficits in the others. This allows Swenor to engineer a ski that feels like you are skiing on snow, and, at the same time, can handle the demanding rigors of the harsh road environment.

Swenor Fibreglass Cap Classic Specifications:
Wheel Size

Diameter: 70mm

Width: 45mm

Weight: 2150g / Pair

Length: 730mm

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Gear West Insight The Swenor Fiberglass Cap Class came in a close second in the klikk.no classic ski tests, losing out to a ski that is pretty hard to find in the US. If a trip to Norway just for rollerskis isn't in the budget, go for the Swenors.