Stone Grind LZ2 Skate


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The LZ2 is a universal grind that runs well in all snow types and has a broad temperature range. This grind is our go to grind for customers looking for one grind that performs in all conditions. It accepts hand structure very well, and can be made more aggressive this way for warm and wet conditions


Ski Type: Skate Skis
Snow Type: New Fine Grained Snow
Temperature Range: 10°F to 28°F


Snow Type: Transformed Corn Snow
Temperature Range: 10°F to 35°F


The LZ2 is a structure with a reputation for always working well making it one of the most popular structures we offer.  The LZ2 performs best in relatively dry cold snow as well as warmer old transformed snow. The LZ2 structure is a good choice for your main all around ski as well as changing conditions.