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Start Base Skin Glide 60ML


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START SKIN GLIDE PASTE & CLEANER 60ml is our all-in-one solution for maintaining skin skis. Skin glide is our proprietary mix of paraffin wax and alcohol designed to keep your skin skis clean, and create a hydrophobic coating to prevent icing. 

Why your skin skis need to be clean: Any dirt that is on the skin will prevent the smooth flow of water from tip to tail. This will slow you down dramatically. Dirt acumulation on your skins can result in the premature degradation of the mohairs. 

The purpose of the anti-ice treatment: In colder conditions you will find that your skin skis will begin to lose kick. This is because your skins are icing up from of an acumulation of water beneath the base of your ski. The anti ice treatment smoothes the flow of water through the skin and prevents the formation of ice at warmer temperatures. This treatment is effective down to 16F, with some variation depending on snow condition. 

How to apply: Saturate the sponge applicator by pressing down on the ski base. Rub the sponge back and forth through the skin section of your skis for a light application of the liquid. Wait 5 minutes. Wipe down your ski with a clean service towel.