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Shimano SH-XC902 Mountain Bike Shoe


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If you glance at the starting line of a World Cup cyclocross or cross-country race, you'll most likely notice the electric green or bright blue Shimano XC902 Cycling Shoes on the rider's feet, eagerly waiting to clip in when the whistle blows and head to the front to string the field out. It's for good reason too, because if you've ever gotten a pair of these shoes in your hands, or better yet, on your feet, you'll experience that world-class fit, low weight, and efficiency that the pros count on to earn a paycheck. Shimano constructs the XC902 with a one-piece upper using a Teijin synthetic material that handles water resistance, while the more numerous perforations allow the feet to breathe. Dialing in the fit comes courtesy of the dual Boa IP1 dials, offering independent and micro-adjustable tension across the top of the foot.

On the rear of the shoe, Shimano uses an external cup that covers the carbon sole and the back of the heel. This design supports the heel, preventing twisting and rolling, stabilizing it for more efficiency. Inside the shoe at the heel a cat tongue-like gripping fabric further bolsters the foothold, providing a solid foundation for dishing out the big watts at the race start and on the pedaling upstroke while trying to maintain traction on a slippery surface. Shimano reached out to the French rubber wizards at Michelin to create a compound for the lugs and the surrounding cleat mounting area. The rubber provides excellent grip on terra firma when off the bike, and if you botch the clip in on the remount, the middle of the sole offers a bit of grippy traction so your foot doesn't slip off the pedal.


  • The ultimate shoe for off-road power transmission and light efficiency
  • Dual Boa microadjusters with instant release spools for ease of use
  • One-piece surround upper, narrow bottom, and rounded heel
  • Asymmetric eyestay pattern prevents foot twisting when pedaling hard
  • Optimal 18mm climbing spikes for cyclocross and wet conditions
  • Carbon fiber composite midsole maximizes power transfer
  • Michelin outsole minimizes weight and enhances traction