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Salomon RS 10 Skate Ski + Salomon Shift-In Binding


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This ski combines the key benefits of the prestigious S/LAB Skate model, but uses the more forgiving and lightweight D-Carbon core for additional ease and stability. With its versatile camber and G5 World Cup base, this ski ensures a fast glide in all conditions. Delivered with the binding attached!

  • Side cut: 44/43/44
  • Weight sample size: 1.21
  • Edge Grip: The thin edge provides great grip and makes it easier to transfer from one leg to the other.
  • Stability: The balanced camber construction provides skiers with more stability and more effortless balance during the gliding phase.
  • Customize Grip & Glide: While on your skis simply turn the Shift-In button right for more edge grip, left for additional gliding sensations or keep it in the “0” position for the best of both worlds.