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Continental Contact Plus 700 x 42 Bike Tire


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Continental Contact Plus Tire - 700 x 42

Searching for that perfect tire for your touring bike? Look no further than the Continental Contact Plus. The Contact Plus is an all-rounder tire that is great for roads and off-pave alike. It features extra puncture protection so you won’t be left stranded on the side of the road with a flat. Continental took their most popular touring tread and updated it to make it perform even better in a multitude of conditions.


  • Great all-around touring tire
  • Superior puncture protection
  • Updated tread design


  • CONDITIONS: Road, easy off-road, dry to wet
  • BEAD: Wire
  • TPI: 3/180
  • TYPE: Clincher
  • MAX PSI: 73
  • INTENDED USE: Touring, Commuting
  • WEIGHT: 1035g