Boyd 60MM Enduro Carbon Clincher Rear Wheel

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SPEED! 95% of racers will call the 60mm clincher their depth of choice! This is a Racing, Triathlon, and Time Trial gem! The carbon 60mm gives you a good combo of crosswind handling with excellent aerodynamics. The rim is designed around a 25-30mm tire to give the rider the best handling characteristics, keeping the rolling resistance to a minimum. You have the ability to run lower PSI for an improved traction path. Simply put, more contact patch, better overall handling. For your next group ride, race, or triathlon get yourself a 60mm Carbon Clincher and put the hammer down!

Designed for high speed riding and racing conditions, we recommend the 60mm if you are spending a lot of time above 21mph.


  • 85 ROAD HUBS-Simple, smooth, quick, effective. Years of durability and increased stiffness of the wheels.
  • TUBELESS-Whether you love running tubeless or want to use an inner tube we have you covered. Wheels come pre-taped with tubeless tape and with tubeless valves. Don't want to run tubeless? Simply remove your tubeless valves, the tubeless tapes makes for the best possible rim strip.
  • TEXTURED BRAKE TRACK-Going fast is important. Stopping fast is even more important. New laser cut textured brake pad provides disc brake stopping power and modulation from your rim brake wheels, even in the wet!
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