What's the Deal With Shoes?

And how to pick 'em Clinic.

by Speedy

April 27, 2023, 6 - 6:30 pm at Gear West

Join shoe expert and running coach Speedy McCollor to learn what's new in 2023! Learn what experts look for in quality running shoes and get your complimentary Aerotrx foot scan. Whether you're returning to running, just getting started, or anywhere in between, knowing how to pick shoes that fit your feet will maximize your running gains and prevent injury, be in the know with Gear West!


  • How to identify pronation/supination in feet and ankles
  • How to read a foot pressure map 
  • Types of shoes designed for short distances vs. long and plyometrics
  • How a carbon plate serveS runners
  • Shoes that accomdate and comfort shin splints, bunyons, arthritis
  • Overview of new shoes to Gear West and updates in the models you already know and love