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Ski and Snowboarding Tuning Services

Why Gear West for your Alpine Ski Service? Every part of our tuning process at Gear West is hands on. Skis are never automatically fed through our machines. Our head tuner Dana Henry has not only tested multiple skis and boots under many conditions, he also has experienced tuning and waxing techniques and tricks from the worlds top race coaches, directors and technicians. Dana prides himself on his temperature specific waxes and takes great care to make sure your skis and snowboards are at their top performance level. We guarantee they will be ready for your family ski holidays, high school races, park laps, or just a fun weekend at your local hill. Call 952-473-0377 for any questions or for additional services not listed.

Look for waxing and tuning tips from Dana’s Shop Notes below, as he and Gear West continue to pursue excellence in ski and board servicing.

Alpine Ski Service Price List 

Wax - $30.00
Apply temperature specific CH wax. Scrape. Brush.
Add LF to CH - $20
Add HF to CH - $40
Edge and Wax - $40.00
Sharpen edges & apply temperature specific CH wax. Scrape. Brush.
Junior Tune - $40.00
Only for skis under the length of 150cm.
Hot Box Wax Service - $60.00
With finishing temperature specific wax. This process helps with performance and protects your base. Great for new skis!
Standard Tune - $60.00
Stone grind base, sharpen edges & apply temperature specific CH wax. Scrape. Brush
World Cup Tune - $75.00
Stone grind base, sharpen edges & apply temperature specific multi-layer CH & LF wax. Scrape. Brush
Race Ready World Cup Tune - $80.00
Stone Grind, Ceramic Disk polish, CH, LF, HF wax
Dana Special - $99.00
Same as Race Ready World Cup Tune with additional hand-edge tuning,  hand wax and brush work.
Race Wax Packages - $199.00 - $299.00 - $399.00
Phantom Wax Service - $149.99
Phantom Wax Service w/ grind - $189.99
Base Repair - $10.00/inch
Epoxy. P-tex. Make bases as good as new.

Binding Installation  

Bindings not purchased from Gear West - $60.00
Binding System Mount - $40 
Bindings purchased from Gear West - $25.00
Adjust boots. Set DIN #. Torque test.
Transfer binding from old ski to new ski - $40
AT Mount - $60
1 Day Service Rush - $20

Snowboard Service 

Snowboard Belt Tune - $50.00
Fill minor gouges, base grind, sharpen and polish edges. Wax.
Snowboard hot wax - $30.00
Iron wax, scrape, and brush.
Sharpen side edge + wax - $40.00
Sharpen and polish outside edge. Wax.
Base Repair - $10.00/inch
Epoxy. P-tex. Make bases as good as new.
Additional repairs will be charged parts and labor.

Boot Service

CUSTOM FITTING - $60.00/hr 
Punch Liner - $10.00
Determine irritation sites. Heat Liner. Apply press. Cool and test.

Shell Grind - $25.00 
Shell stretch and punch - $45.00
Raise/lower zeppa heel lift - $10.00 
Install Boot Heaters - $35.00
Complementary with purchase of new Hotronics
Stance Assessment - $25.00 - $30.00
Replace Toe/Heel - $20.00/boot


Dana’s Tuning Tricks + Tips

Waxing your skis or snowboard is the best way to protect them and keep them performing at their peak. It’s important to wax your throughout the ski season to ensure your skis or snowboard glides smoothly. Tools you’ll need include: Waxing iron, clean rags, rubbing alcohol, wax, plastic scraper and brushes.

Waxing Tips:

• Best to apply wax in a ventilated area.

• Run your iron hot enough to melt wax but not smoking.

• When scraping skis or snowboard insure your scraper is at a 90 degree angle & nick free.

• Check out your bases! If they look dry or chalky, it’s time to wax them!

• When scraping wax off, scrape and brush tip to tail on entire length of ski or snowboard.

• Waxing is the single best thing you can do to prepare and protect your new skis or snowboard.

Ski or Snowboard Tuning - Burrs and rusty edges cause drag and slow you down on the snow. Smoothing out and sharpening your edges can help your skis or snowboard perform at their very best. The tools you’ll need include: Clean rags, edging file, diamond stone, gummy stone, rubbing alcohol.