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Race Ski Selection


Our ski fitting process at Gear West starts with you, our customer. Your goals, hopes and dreams for the upcoming season and how those can be achieved with the right equipment. Someone from our team of ski fitters will work with you to decide the best brand, model, length, and camber shape for your skiing style & and the specified conditions in which you will be using them for. 

We then communicate your request to the selection team at our ski supplier’s factory or warehouse. When possible, we travel to these facilities and select the skis along with members of the brand's racservice team. If we do not send a staff member in personthe racing service team selects the best skis available as they build Gear West’s ski shipment for the upcoming year. After Gear West receives the skis, we compare those selected for you against our own inventory to make sure they align with our standards, and your specifications. 

We quality check the skis using the following process:

1.) The skis are flexed using the Gear West pressure tester to make sure they are well matched, and there are no irregularities in the camber shape. 

2.) One of our ski fitters has you* stand on the skis to ensure the selected skis perform well with your ability to transfer weight or kick them.  

3.) We discuss base treatment options of stone grinds & hotboxes to make sure the skis perform at their best. 

4.) Finally, when base treatment is complete the skis go home with you to enjoy!

Your desired experience combined with our expert staff, unmatched inventory & strong relationships with the best suppliers in the world will surely deliver your new favorite pair of skis! 

*If purchasing via gearwest.com, one of our staff members similar to your weight will perform this portion of the quality check 

There is no charge for our Race Ski Selection Service, but to ensure the highest quality service we can only accept a limited number of applicants. We operate on a first-come-first-serve basis, so act fast.

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