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Cross-Country Ski Boots

Gear West offers a complete selection of Nordic skate ski boots online to help you achieve your desired skiing experience. Whether you’re looking to race at the Elite skiathlon level, or enjoy gliding through the woods we pride ourselves in stocking a wide variety of options to ensure your Nordic boots fit perfectly.

Nordic boots should fit similar to a running shoe, or hiking boot. Sung, yet comfortable! We typically recommend leaving about a thumbs width of space towards the toe. This will allow you to wear a thicker sock for improved warmth and comfort. Nordic boots are available in options specific to skate and classic skiing. Additionally, we offer “combi” Nordic ski boots that can accommodate both techniques. Entry level Nordic boots will typically have a slightly wider last, and more insulation. As you move up in performance, boots will have customizable fit features like thermo-moldable liners, quick laces, and adjustable heel straps.

A wide variety of choices does not always make decision making easy, that’s why we’re here to help! Call 1-877-473-4327, email info@gearwest.com, or visit us in-store to talk with one of our Nordic boot experts that can help you find your ideal pair.