Men's Cycling Apparel

Cycling apparel (jerseys, shorts, bibs, socks, winter riding gear, vests, base layers, jackets) can be an often over looked but intricate part of being a comfortable and prepared cyclist. Typically the first piece of cycling apparel to invest in is a good quality pair of bike shorts. Our usual advice when it comes to padded bike shorts, or shorts with a chamois, is the longer you want to ride the more you should spend on your shorts.  

Bike jerseys, vests, and jackets, and base layers help take care of your upper body throughout the seasons. In the summer a warm weather base layer and light jersey can help pull sweat off the body and to the exterior layers where it can evaporate, leaving you cool and dry. A light long sleeve cycling jersey can help protect you from the sun as well. When the weather gets colder jackets and vests that block the wind, when paired with a cold weather base layer, can keep you nice and toasty for cold weather riding. 

As Minnesota riders, you can trust Gear West to have what you need for cycling year-round. In a single year you’ll find us biking on 110 degree days, down to –10 degree days, usually with a smile on our face. Have questions on what cycling apparel is right for you? Simply contact us for additional info.