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Races and Summer Goals

Races and Summer Goals - Gear West

Ironman training in my 60’s! My plan was to finish 35 years of racing triathlons with one last Ironman as I turned 60. But that was a bust when I broke my tibia and my husband had neurosurgery in the summer of 2019. Wisconsin IM was then rolled into the summer of Covid 2020 and of course that became bust #2, so I begin again, IM training at 62! A lot slower, definitely softer, knees tender, the back stiffer… and off I am to try to fix myself, stay healthy and be the best I can be physically, while still working. Thank goodness the kids are (I hope) launched.

Free hours in April have been spent returning my body back to movements of running, biking and swimming (not too keen on swimming inside). Barely finding the time to xc skiing last winter, I gave up doing anything but skiing the entire winter. Covid created the most ‘unique’ work environment I have ever experienced in the 37 years of owning a retail sports store. Finding our way thru the Covid work stresses and outfitting most anybody who knew how to pronounce XC skis; it was a crazy winter. My April goal was just to pick up where I left off, last fall.

There is a bit of a problem, however. I find myself lazier. Couch time with coffee, books, and a new snuggly puppy tempts me daily to sabotage using my precious workout time to…. veg! So I hired a coach.

Starting MAY 1st (!) my big mental goals leap into life! I plan eat less carbs! I will jump into the Lifetime pool with abandonment. My knees will flex smoothly because I will adhere to my online yoga- stretching class. By adding a few extra back twists to my daily fitness routine, hopefully I will defy my 60 yr old stiffness and flatten my back against the tribars like I did in Kona (Hawaii Ironman) in 1985. I am excited to be coached again because if I pay those dollars, I most certainly should be sticking to THE PLAN.

Just incase a monthly coaching commitment is not enough to motivate the daily discipline I am fearing is waning, I bought the book Atomic Habits (already listened to it). I truly am trying to figure out the BEST way to motivate myself, so I can strike a reasonable balance among the many things I like to do yet achieve my summer athletic goals. Bring it on May!

Jan Guenther

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