New Shoes

Early April is tough for motivation. But I have new run shoes today. When training motivation wanes, investing in a fresh running shoes is what I am doing this week. Also my feet ache. My arches were beat up after asking them to run a 15.5 mile trail race this past Saturday in slush and mush. This 2 ½ hour run took a toll on my hamstrings and feet. So! I laced on a Hoka Clifton 5 and so far I may sleep in them. Cushion is what my feet need now. I am wearing them for work, for my quick run this morning and indoor strength training.

For me, I believe running in a variety of shoes is what keeps me injury free. Sometimes I choose light weight shoes for short triathlons or just to feel fast and free when training, such as the Brooks Pure Flow. Other times a heavier cushion shoe feels much better on long training runs, such as the Brooks Glycerin, or now the Hoka Clifton. The point being, changing up shoes while training prevent my feet from feeling the same hot spots or pressure points. A variety of shoe fits allow my feet to respond differently during run workouts. Basically, my running injuries have decreased since I have owned a run store. But don’t follow my footsteps! You will save more way more money by just purchasing two pair of run shoes. By changing shoes more frequently you reduce injury and most likely will save money on Chiropractic and Physical Therapy fees from training on worn out shoes.

Seriously, well fitting run shoes make running way more enjoyable. Because I am not light of feet, I need some cushion when I transition from the bike to run. In a triathlon, oftentimes a toe or two remain numb from pushing on the bike and it feels as if I am slapping my feet down on the pavement when starting out on the run. These days, anything I can do to soften my landing pad should aid my knees and feet. So, pay attention to your shoes and how your feet feel after a hard workout or race. Prevent injuries from starting; listen to your aches, feel your body, and then adjust what you can to prevent many common foot injuries such as Planters Fasciitis and Runners Knee.

- Jan Guenther

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