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How to put your Alpine Skis & Snowboards away for the Season

Step 1 - Get them clean - Wipe them down with a clean water and a towel....all grime and dirt needs to go.

Step 2 - Check the edges - Sharpen the edges and remove the burrs to reduce the chances of rust.

Step 3 - Hot wax the bases with an all-temperature or a warm-weather wax to protect them from oxidation. Cover the edges with the wax, which will help keep rust away. Leave wax on the skis and snowboard for the summer.

Step 4 - Find a cool, dry place inside your house and out of the sun for storage. A neutral position without pressure on either rocker or camber is best for your skis and snowboard.

Step 5 - Pull the liners out of your boots and make sure everything is completely dry, then buckle ski boots loosely so they hold their shape. Check the outside heels and toes of your boots and replace if wear and tear. Inspect your snowboard boot laces and replace them if you need too.

Step 6 - Wait for the snow to fall - Next fall scrape the wax off, brush and hit the slopes.

Don't feel like doing this yourself? Bring them in to GW and Dana will make sure your skis are ready for next season!

* Now is also the best time to do a base grind and fix any base or edge damage incurred during the winter.

- Jeff Perry

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