Five Reasons to add a Graphite-Free based ski to your Quiver

Five Reasons to add a Graphite-Free based ski to your Quiver - Gear West

Some are clear, some are gray, some are white – but they’re all graphite free and aimed at warm or wet weather conditions. Notice the use of “aimed”? As time goes on these skis are proving successful in a wider variety of conditions. Here are five reasons why you should consider adding a graphite-free based ski to your fleet.

1.) Faster on man-made snow. Because the base devoid of graphite, it does not pick up the dirt that accumulates in high-use areas. Less trail options for large numbers of skiers results in dirtier snow!

2.) Not as limiting as you think. The harder base material allows these skis can out-run their black based counterparts in temperatures as low as 25 degrees in transformed conditions.

3.) Faster at top-speed. The faster you go, the faster you go! Graphite free bases win the breakaway speed contest almost every time. The base material is super hard, and pairing that with short contact zones and a longer wheelbase creates excellent glide.

4.) Surprisingly Stable! Hearing that these skis have “short contact zones” leads some to believe that these skis will be difficult to control. However, they are designed with the understanding that the person using them may encounter a very firm, or very soft track. The camber shape is designed to accommodate both sets of conditions.

- Jenny Beckman

5.) Tried and True in Warm Conditions. In natural snow, above freezing with high moisture content, nothing is going to run faster.

6.) Bonus reason – they look cool! Look fast, ski fast. Right?

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