Best way to recycle your old running shoes

Best way to recycle your old running shoes - Gear West
If you're like me, you have a strict one-in-one-out policy for running shoes. Buying a new pair of shoes means you also have to get rid of your old ones. So what's the best way to recycle old running shoes? Bring them to Gear West!

Gear West has partnered with MORE Foundation Group, one of the largest shoe recycling nonprofits in the US to help reduce the amount of gear that ends up in landfills. The nonprofit sells the shoes to vendors across the globe and then uses its profits to help reforestation efforts in Ghana.

We'll take your used athletic shoes, even the ones you bought elsewhere. The donation box is in the running shop. All you have to do is walk in and drop the shoes in the box, and you're good to go!

If you're unsure if you need new running shoes or have questions about finding the right pair, call or stop by and we would be happy to share our thoughts and discuss what you can do to ensure you're in the right shoes.

You can learn more about our fitting process here.

And, if you're interested in what's new for 2023 in the running world, check out our blog where we discuss our favorite shoes from On, Brooks, HOKA, and more.

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