10 Things to Gear Up for Running

If you’re anything like me, the transition from winter (and ski season!) into summer and run season is always a tough one. Nordic skiing has turned into my primary sport, but after running cross country and track through high school I still can’t give up running! Below are a couple things to keep in mind as the weather gets nice and it’s time to run again.

1. Ease into running. Getting back into running shape takes time. Be gentle with yourself! Whether you spent the winter skiing or snuggled up on the couch, your muscles have to readjust to running.

2. Find a buddy. Invite your friends for a run! It’s always easier to find motivation when someone else is alongside you.

3. New shoes. Check the wear and comfort of your running shoes. Most shoes need to be replaced every 350-400 miles, and miles add up fast. Healthy shoes mean a healthy runner!

4. Plan scenic routes. Instead of running the same loop every run, plan to explore a new area of your neighborhood. Keep it interesting! When the running gets tough, it helps to have something else (like new scenery) to focus on.

5. Variety. Plan a variety of runs! Not every run should be the same length and speed. Plan for longer runs as well as short, quick runs. Throw in intervals every once in a while. Not only does this make you a better runner and strengthen you in the long run, it keeps things interesting.

6. Scope out bathrooms. For long runs, scope out where all the bathroom (and water) stops are along your route!

7. Embrace mornings/evenings. The days are longer! Get out and enjoy the daylight. As it gets hotter, the mornings and evenings will also be the coolest time to run.

8. Cross train. Bike, rollerblade, rollerski, pickup soccer/ultimate Frisbee, strength workout…the possibilities are endless.

9. Recovery. Bring out your foam roller and stretching mat. Recovery is just as important as your run!

10. Find fun races! Research different, crazy, fun races for the season. Try a trail race or a themed 5k. Give yourself something to work for.

- Catherine Lundgren

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