Stone Grinding

The best way to get skis ready for next season is to get them stone ground and storage waxed before putting them away for the summer! Ski bases will be in need of care after a season’s worth of skiing, racing, and waxing. The stone grinding process will re-establish a flat base, take off the top layer of damaged base material, and press in a fresh grind pattern. For summer storage we roll and iron on a layer of protective wax to ensure the bases stay safe and clean until ready for use next season.

One question we often get asked about stone grinding is how many times can a ski get ground? The question isn’t straightforward, but our short answer is once a season. Through the process of waxing and scraping over the course of a season, skis will become more challenging to wax and scrape as the bases become concave on the edges. This happens especially in the tips and tails of the ski, but can also happen underfoot and in the glide zones. The more time that goes by between stone grinds, the more pronounced this becomes. If a ski can go through the stone grinding process every season, very little base material has to be taken off to the correct the bases. In short, the more times you grind a ski the more it can be ground.

The answer to the question of what to do with your skis now that the season is over? Bring them in for a stone grind and a storage wax. We are running a free storage wax with any stone grind special through the spring.

- David Chamberlain

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