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The Works Bike Service Package

Recommended every 100-200 riding-hours or every two years.

Our Gear West Mechanics put on their World Tour Mechanic caps and comb through every millimeter of your bike. Recommended for the Rider who wants the absolute best performance out of their bike. Whether that performance need is saving every watt possible during a Triathlon bike leg, KOM/QOM hunting on a road bike or going for a PR on your local MTB trail. This is the Package for you.

Please call 952-473-0093 to schedule your appointment

The Works Service Package includes everything in the Full Service Package plus:

One on One time (by appointment) with your bike mechanic to discuss your personal bike needs.


  • Brake Bleed Labor.
  • Hydraulic brake pistons cleaned.


  • All bearing systems overhauled or replaced.


  • Freehubs cleaned and lubed.
  • Labor on Tubeless set up.


  • Half off labor for lower leg service and shock air sleeve service.

Includes Labor on

  • Grip/Bar tape installation.
  • All component installation.

*Replacement parts not included in service package price.
*$3.00 Materials Charge will all services