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Gear West Snowboard Jib Tune Kit


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 The Gear West Snowboard Jib Tune Kit. 

This is everything you need for those days when you don’t have time to hot wax your board or when your on a trip and need to clean up your base and edges after a hard day of exploring the mountain. This tune kit has been hand picked by the GW staff. We have picked these items because we feel these 5 items represent everything you need and nothing you don't to keep your shred stick riding smooth.

 Snowboard Jib Tune Kit includes: 

  • NORTH By SWIX MOUNTAIN FREEDOM GLIDE WAX. UNIVERSAL LIQUID 150ml: The name says it all! North Glidewax Universal All Temperature liquid wax. For skis and snowboards. All snow conditions. Apply and go! Special tip: Use the Felt/Nylon Brush included with. Polish with the felt and then brush lightly. This Glidwax is based upon Future Cera® raw materials, which grant for high quality and an environmentally friendly profile. *Fluor Free*
  • FELT/NYLON BRUSH: The ideal brush when using liquid glidewax. The White felt side for spreading the universal glide wax evenly on the base. The nylon for brushing and removing excess wax from the structure when you do get to hot wax your board. Using this product will increase the durability and longevity of the North Universal Glide wax or any other liquid or paste wax. 
  • POCKET EDGER/ SHARPENER: Pocket size Base-Edge and Side-Edge Sharpener with 40mm file. Side-Edge 87 – 88 degrees. Base-Edge 0.5 – 1.0 degrees.
  • ABRASIVE SQUARE: Abrasive stone for deburring steel edges. 
  • GREY GUMMY STONE: Soft gummy, grey. Every person should own one of these. Great for removing rust and burrs. Also works well for feathering back (detuning) the tips and tails.
  • POCKET SCREWDRIVER: Compact and comfortable pocket screw driver that comes with everything you need to keep your binding bolts tight to your board as well as all the screws that hold your straps and highbacks in place.
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