Stonegrind Vario Skate


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The Vario is a new grind that uses our new VarioTech technology on our RP-23. This technology allows us to cut grinds that become increasingly more aggressive from tip to tail. The Vario has a wide range and runs best in transformed and man-made snow. We are excited about the new technology on our machine and will be testing it with our other core grinds this coming winter. Check back with us this winter for updates about how our testing is going.

 Great in artificial snow grind – range +15F – +35F. A transformed snow grind that is ideal in man-made snow – also good for wet, transformed snow. This grind is uniquely made, the structure gets deeper and more defined down the length of the ski from the tip to the tail of the ski.

Skate Grinds - All of our core skate grinds are compound grinds made as two grinds cut onto the ski one on top of the other or two grinds cut into the stone. The LZ0 and the LZ2 run well in both new and transformed snow and both can perform outside of the printed range. The PL3 and PL4 are best suited for transformed snow, but the PL3 will often run in new snow if the humidity is high enough. The Vario grind is a new offering from Gear West that runs best in man-made snow and is made with the new Variotech technology recently installed on our Tazzarri grinder. For skiers looking for one grind to perform in all conditions in the Midwest – the LZ2 would be the choice. In other parts of the country with warmer and more humid snow, the PL3 would be a good choice. At Gear West we are always happy to discuss appropriate grind choice for skis – give us a call to discuss.