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Silca Titanium Dead Blow Hammer


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The Silca titanium dead blow hammer is 3D printed in hardened 6/4 Titanium with a hollow head filled with 125 grams of stainless steel and fine tungsten grit, providing higher impact energy than a solid titanium head, while also eliminating any recoil.

Few brands have been more intimately connected to the last 100 years of cycling than Silca with a legacy of quality that has seen Silca pumps passed down through generations of professional mechanics and cycling enthusiasts.


  • Total weight of 160 grams
  • Stainless steel and fine tungsten internals to eliminate recoil
  • 3D printed 6/4 ultra-light titanium construction
  • Hammerhead is hard titanium on one side and medium-hard rubber on the other for use on delicate surfaces.