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SHIM HG-701-11 11SPD CHAIN 126L


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The HG701-11 chain from Shimano is directional and features SIL-TEC treatment on the roller link plate and pin link plate for increased durability. It is compatible with 11-speed road, MTB, and E-BIKES thanks to its reinforced design.

  • Connector Quick-Link - For the mounting and dismounting of 11-speed chains without tools
  • Smooth and reliable shifting performance
  • Directional 11-speed chain
  • More efficient and silent, less maintenance
  • SIL-TEC surface treatment
  • MTB, Road, E-BIKE 11-speed compatible
  • Reinforced chain for E-BIKE use
  • New chain plate dimension
  • Use: Road, MTB, E-Bike
  • Model: CS-HG701-11
  • Group: Ultegra, XT, STEPS E8000, STEPS E6000
  • Gear: 11-speed
  • Type: HG-X11
  • Directional design: Yes
  • Chromizing Treatment Link Pin: Yes
  • Pin Link Plate: SIL-TEC
  • Roller Link Plate: SIL-TEC
  • Connector: Quick-Link SM-CN900-11
  • Total Links: 126