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Serfas Drifter Tire - 20 x 2.2


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Serfas Drifter Tire - 20 x 2.2

Serfas® Drifters give you the confidence and freedom to ride whatever environment you may find yourself.

Designed with added Flat Protection and a smart inverted tread pattern the Serfas® Drifter provides high performance handling and speed on road while boasting impressive versatility and grip off road on dirt and gravel.


  • Multi-Sport Flat Protection System (FPS)
  • Inverted Tread Design Reduces Rolling Resistance – Less Physical Effort While Attaining Greater Speeds
  • 68 Durometer Center Ridge For Long Life / 58 Durometer Sides For Enhanced Cornering
  • Available w/ Reflective Sidewalls (SKU: CTRREF and CTR-1.5REF)