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Rossignol Women's Pure Pro Heat Ski Boot 2020


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Featuring Therm-ic heated liners and our women-specific 100mm "slim fit", the Rossignol PURE PRO HEAT delivers an incredible blend of power and precision in a customizable, boot-fitter friendly design. The heated liner with Merino Wool insulation features an integrated control panel on the upper cuff to select between four settings: off, moderate (17-19hrs), medium (8-9hrs), and high (4-5hrs); batteries can be recharged using the provided USB cable.  

Women’s Pure Pro Heat Boot Features:

  • Flex: 100
  • Last: 100
  • SENSOR BLADE- To ensure maximum performance, shells must be chosen to fit as closely to the foot as possible. This is why the ALLSPEED range offers 3 internal lasts based on the same construction, designed to fit as closely as possible to the foot with perfect anatomical wrap. 98 mm : ALLSPEED ELITE
  • FLEX ADJUSTMENT- FLEX ADJUSTMENT allows a larger flex range for customized power, performance, and comfort via a simple rear spine screw adjustment.
  • PURE PRO HEAT BLUETOOTH THERMAL INSULATION- The PURE PRO HEAT model features a heating system that can be adjusted via Bluetooth using the THERM-IC application available for free download on your smart phone. The app allows easy temperature adjustment and two modes to help manage battery life. Learn more at www.therm-ic.com
  • MERINO WOOL- Natural merino fibers help to regulate body temperature, providing warmth when it is cold and coolness when it is hot. They also eliminate bad odors and provide softness and comfort.