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Panracer Gravelking Mud 700 x 35 Brown Wall


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Panracer Gravelking Mud 700 x 35

With its aggressive tread pattern and Anti-Flat casing, riders will experience a better ride through the sloppiest conditions, through a wide range of tire pressures, with the GravelKing Mud Tire.

Designed to take you on your next adventure on roads less traveled, the Panaracer GraveKing Mud Tire features a self-cleaning tread pattern with large, widely spaced center blocks offering an unrelenting grip in sloppy conditions. For the gravel rider who needs a little extra grip for roads and trails caked in mud, the GravelKing Mud will help get you through.

With a balance of rolling efficient and tread longevity, you'll not only have a relatively fast tire but one that's long-lasting due to the ZSG Natural Compound.

When you're far off the beaten path, Panaracer's Anti-Flat Class gives you more protection from pesky punctures and inconvenient flats with the tough Anti-Flat Casing.


  • Self-cleaning tire for sloppy gravel grinds and tours
  • Grippy tread with spaced blocks that shed mud and muck
  • ZSG Natural Compound balances rolling speed with longevity
  • Anti-Flat Casing prevents inconvenient flats and punctures