Nordic Skater T-Skater Bare 45CM


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Comfort, convenience, and speed ... Clip-on skates for cross-country touring on outdoor ice. Smooth, effortless gliding over bumps and cracks, even snow-covered ice. Best of all, Nordic Skates clip on and off your ski boots in seconds! No more sitting in the snow or on a windswept bench lacing up a frozen pair of skates while your fingers go numb. Just put on your warm, comfortable XC Skate Boots or your Back Country Boots at home, then clip on your Nordic Skates when you step out on the ice.

Lundhags T-Skates are Swedish-made of hardened and tempered Sandvik stainless steel, with a Rockwell hardness of 57. This makes them a 'mid-range' blade -  better than the entry-level Isvidda, but a step down from the high-end Zandstra NIS.