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Noble Pro 11 in 1 Mini Tool with CO2 Inflator


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Noble Pro 11 in 1 Mini Tool with CO2 Inflator

A multitool is a necessity for any type of bike ride. The Noble 11 in 1 tool provides all the tools you need, a C02 inflator, and the ability to fit in a jersey pocket or small saddle pack. The all metal design gives plenty of strength and durability in a small package. All the tools are chrome plated and the inflator, which doubles as the hinge, is made of polished aluminum. The Smart fit valve fits both Schrader and Presta valve stems so that you only need one tool for you and your friends. Ride like a load has been lifted from your shoulders with the light and durable Noble 11 in 1 multitool.


  • COMPACT and LIGHTWEIGHT design FITS EASILY into pockets or in your saddle bag.
  • ALL METAL DESIGN ensures STRENGTH and DURABILITY for all different types of bike repairs on the go.
  • 11 DIFFERENT CHROME PLATED TOOLS including HEX and STAR drivers as well as PHILLIPS and FLATHEAD screwdrivers.
  • POLISHED ALUMINUM CO2 INFLATOR VALVE that fits both Schrader and Presta valves.