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Moment Wildcat 101 Ski 2023


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The Moment Wildcat 101 is the newest addition to the Wildcat family, and it brings the playful nature of the wider, big-mountain, deep-day-oriented Wildcats to dry spells, spring park laps and low tide days on either coast. But don’t take that to mean it’s an afterthought. If anything, it’s the culmination of all we’ve learned.

Designed to shine where it’s big brothers only just manage, the Moment Wildcat 101 sports narrower dimensions, a more progressive mount, and a dual radius sidecut for faster initiation, quicker reaction in tight spots, and extra grip when things firm up. It’s built for carving hardpack, threading bumps, ripping ‘roy and popping off everything in sight—from legit jump lines to cat track side hits. In fact, it’s very quickly become a team favorite, both in and out of the park.

If you’re after the energetic, powerful, and playful prowess of the big cats, but you encounter more cord, dry spells, and firm conditions than big dumps, well…look no further.

Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Eff. Edge Weight (pair) Mount
164cm 128mm 101mm 121mm 16.0m 1325mm 7.14lbs / 3.24kg -5cm
174cm 128mm 101mm 121mm 18.0m 1425mm 7.65lbs / 3.47kg -5cm
179cm 128mm 101mm 121mm 20.0m 1475mm 8.20lbs / 3.72kg -5cm
184cm 128mm 101mm 121mm 21.0m 1525mm 8.56lbs / 3.88kg -5cm
190cm 128mm 101mm 121mm 23.0m