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Kastle FX96 HP Ski 2021


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The Kastle FX96 HP Ski loves to dabble in freeride freedom, and when teamed up with the FREETOUR 12 2.0 binding is also designed to be used as a touring ski. The 3D shape, triple wood core and carbon-fibreglass wrapped core of the lightweight TRI technology results in maximum transfer of power, stability and perfect float. Combined with HOLLOWTECH 3.0 this ski raises the bar in terms of minimised weight and maximised downhill performance.

The HP in the name stands for high performance. And the FX96 HP certainly lives up to its name, whether it’s challenging backcountry or big fat turns on corduroy. For a one-ski quiver, this ski is hard to beat.



Kastle FX96 Ski Features:

  • HOLLOWTECH- Our patented, key technology is unique to ski manufacturing. By removing unneeded layers in the front of the ski we make the ski lighter. This results in several advantages: the ski becomes up to 30 % damper, the ski feels more stable, edge-grip is more powerful, steering is more precise and the overall weight is reduced.
  • The new, revolutionized HOLLOWTECH 3.0 has a two-tier construction: a new outer ring cuts out even more material and therefore even more weight. The size of the HOLLOWTECH is always precisely matched to the shovel of each particular model - for performance that's truly unbeatable.
  • HP - HIGH PERFORMANCE- Kästle HP are high performance models that allow skiers to reach and exceed their limits. We create unique constructions with additional carbon for the most demanding skiers. Connoisseurs recognize this feature through the HP lettering on each ski.
  • TRI-TECH- Our TRI-TECH construction combines three innovative technologies to reduce weight while maximizing stability, power transmission and float.
  • SANDWICH-SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION- The POWERZONE-SANDWICH-SIDEWALL construction combines the durability of a SEMI-CAP with the classic build of a SANDWICH-SIDEWALL. As you’d expect from a SEMI-CAP build, the topsheet is extended down to the ABS sidewall but is then enhanced by a classic SANDWICH-SIDEWALL composition under the binding. This generates even better performance and edge grip.
  • Each Kästle ski is built with the finest woodcore, manufactured with precision to one-tenth of a millimeter. This allows us to control the weight, responsiveness and dampening characteristics of the ski, resulting in a high-quality, durable product.
  • The wood type, or combination of different woods, is individually catered to each model line, based on the ski‘s intended application. We guarantee unique handling with outstanding performance.
  • CAMBER- We build our skis with classic camber and distinguish between Standard Camber and Low Camber:
  • With LOW CAMBER, the ski center is slightly elevated and the contact points are moved toward the ski center. The effective edge is consequentially less, and the ski is more playful and forgiving.
  • RISE- With Rise technology, we optimize the shovel of the ski and control its float depending on the ski’s application.
  • SHOVEL AND TAIL- With the shovel and tail design, we can refine the aggressiveness of our skis.