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DPS Special Edition Alchemist Cassiar 94 C2 2020 Dreamtime


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Special Edition DPS Alchemist Cassiar 94 C2



Front side carver, full carbon construction, limited Edition ski art

Carving (read: trenching) is still very much on the radar for the DPS Cassiar 94, but this ski also really excels during shallow storms and in the ensuing days after a storm relents––in crud and supportive soft snow. While the Cassiar 94 sways toward softer snow conditions, it still grips and carves with the best of them in all but the iciest of conditions. Built on our C2 Chassis.

Alchemist Pure carbon skis are the ultimate expression of the craft. Next-level, vibration-tuned aerospace grade prepreg carbon laminates melded with the finest in supporting materials yield an energetic yet smooth and damped ski that retains its performance characteristics for life.


DPS Alchemist Cassiar 94 C2 Features & Specs:

  • Pure prepreg carbon fiber laminate with proprietary dampening additives
  • Textured polyamide topsheet
  • Aspen wood core
  • UHMW sidewalls
  • Fastest and hardest World Cup race bases
  • Rockwell 48 steel edges 


Tip          Waist          Tail        Radius      Weight

178cm    131mm     94mm   109mm   19m           1715g

185cm    133mm     94mm   110mm   19.5m        1810g


Dreamtime Special Editions. A Primer.

 Every summer during Dreamtime DPS releases a limited run of Special Edition skis. Special Editions are one-time series creations with identical build specs to those found in the mainstream quiver, but the ski art is unique and never reproduced again.

Special Editions are a celebration of design. Their impetus lies within the roots of DPS. Founder Stephan Drake was known to custom paint old Axioms and Powder Plus’s prior to the formation of the company. Even though Special Editions run counter-intuitive to good accounting practices, as the labor and materials needed to produce small batch runs is substantially higher than our mainstream quiver creations, they’ve become an annual mainstay for all types of skiers from those getting their first DPS skis, to others who have built a healthy collection.

Special Editions typically have slightly more complex art work than what is found main quiver, but they still leans towards DPS’ core minimalism. People often ask why keep our designs so simple. The answer lies in a nod to singular purity found in deep powder riding. Rock and Roll happens before and after good runs, but in the moment, the experience and the skis are pure, clean, and unfettered. Second, we understand that a ski investment is a big decision and takes a lot of research and hard-earned money. Therefore, we try to keep our graphics as timeless as possible to reduce the marketing- driven craziness that often lead consumers to ‘think’ they need the latest and greatest when what they have is perfectly suited for them.