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Boyd TT Disc Wheel - Disc Brake


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Not long ago disc brake bikes were relegated to the endurance and recreation crowd. They were looked as a way to run larger tires, with slacker geometry. . .perfect for the all-day cyclist who was in no particular hurry. Then, racers started getting ahold of disc brakes and realized the benefits of better braking and larger tires. A hot debate ensued and continues to this day. Even the UCI (governing body of bike racing) got involved which never makes anything easy. However, the technology has won and today you see disc brakes used on race bikes for all racing conditions.

The last hold out was the aero purist crowd. However, with the ability to run hidden cables and with no fork mounted brake caliper available, disc brake bikes soon surpassed rim brake bikes in terms of aero drag. This led the way for the newest crop of time trial and triathlon disc brake bikes which have leapt in popularity.

The TT Carbon Disc wheel is born from that desire to pair an incredibly aero wheelset to that newly designed aero bike. If you are looking to be as aero as possible for those efforts against the clock, this is the best way to propel yourself forward.