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Black Crows Mirus Cor Ski 2022


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  • A brand new UFO, the Black Crows Mirus' Cor is a ski thought for performance and design, to achieve an alliance between two worlds: freestyle and the most angular curves of today.
Technical informations
  • Built with a fairly long rocker and a split tail, it allows short curves for playing, for piste, and for the side of the ski run, it is carving in a black crows approach and/or all terrain freestyle. Accessible, well-built and creative from any point of view.COR The acronym COR of Black Crows can be found on products that want to change the normal practice and innovate with a boost of creativity.
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  • 168.3 cm
  • 173.2 cm
  • 178.0 cm
  • 184.2 cm
  • orange
  • 13 m