Basic Bike Service Package

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Gear West Basic Bike Service Package

Recommended every 50 riding-hours or 1-2 times a Riding season.

Gear West’s Basic Service Package covers adjustments on all the Major Systems on a bicycle. This Package is recommended for bikes that are in good condition but need a look over before heading back out on the road or trail.

Please call 952-473-0093 to schedule your appointment


  • Basic Frame Wipe Down
  • Inspected for damage


  • Derailleur Limit Screws set
  • Gears indexed for optimal shifting
  • Chain Lubed


  • Cable Pull Adjusted
  • Pad Alignment


  • Headset, Bottom Bracket and Hubs Adjusted


Lateral Wheel true
Spoke Tension checked

*Replacement parts not included in service package price.
*$3.00 Materials Charge will all services